At IVbar30A, The Aesthetic Clinique IV Bar, we provide intravenous Vitamin Drips for boosting health, energy, vitality and the ultimate anti-aging experience.


IVbar30A specializes in intravenous fluids containing nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants. We offer cocktails specific for beauty, strength, immunity, recovery, happiness, and energy.

Come join us for an exciting experience boosting your health & anti-aging naturally!

IV Therapy is a very quick and efficient way to get critical nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants into your body. Whether you are feeling under the weather or jet lagged, are a competitive athlete, or want to take preventative steps to help slow the aging process and achieve optimal health, then you will benefit from IV therapy. At IVbar30A, The Aesthetic Clinque’s IV Bar, we provide intravenous Vitamin Drips for boosting health, energy, vitality and the ultimate anti-aging experience. Visit with one of our doctors or nurses to find out which drip would be best for you. Come join us for and exciting experience boosting your health & anti-aging naturally!

IV Therapy Options at IVbar30A

Happy Hour

It’s always happy hour with us! Unwind after a long day or get an energy boost for a late night. Cheers. (Myers’ Cocktail)

1, 2, Many

Hit your limit at AJs? We can help! This anti-nausea/antiinflammatory mix will get you back on your feet and back on the dance floor ASAP. (Myers’ Cocktail, Zofran, Toradol Shot)

Vitamin Sea

Packed with vitamins & antioxidants – sit back, relax, and watch your immune system recover. We love to sea it! (Myers’ Cocktail, Vitamin C, B-Complex, Zinc)

Santa Rosa Sunrise

Not only does this look like a sunrise, it feels like one. The perfect way to start any day! Who needs coffee anyway? (High Dose Vitamin C, B12, Glutathione)

Your Glow Girl (or Guy)

It finally makes sense why people say beauty comes from within. Get ready to see your skin glow! (Myers’ Cocktail, Biotin, Glutathione)

The Skinny

This combination is designed to maximize metabolism paired best with a Peloton workout. * Bike not included. (B-Complex, Tri-Amino, Lipo Shot)


Relax & unwind with all the siesta vibes from magnesium and taurine. Pro tip: Ask your nurse to dim the lights for some ZzzZzz, and we’ll provide the blankets. (Myers’ Cocktail, Taurine, Glycine)

Muscle Beach

Post leg day or prepping for an upcoming race, this I is for you! Arnold agrees with us. Trust us; we asked him. Really. (Myers’ Cocktail, Tri-Amino, Glycine, Glutathione)

Basic B

This simple hydration & B12 combo will provide lasting energy. Plus it’s as pink as your Starbucks “Pink Drink” for all you Basic B’s! (B12)

Sea Water

The equivalent to ordering water at the bar, but we don’t n judge hydration is key! Disclaimer: Not actual sea water; please do not drink from the ocean. (500 or 1000 cc of IV fluids)

How Can IV Nutritional Therapy Help Me?

Intravenous (IV) drips quickly & efficiently deliver nutrients directly to where they are needed—the cells. The body’s familiarity with natural nutrients (vs. “unnatural” drugs) accounts for its high safety profile. Magnesium has a starring role in IV nutritional therapy. People who are deficient in magnesium often cannot correct their deficiency by taking magnesium capsules until the magnesium levels are replenished by IV. Our bodies cannot make vitamin C so it has a starring role in IV vitamin therapy due to its anti-viral properties. It’s useful in treating colds & flu. Also good for immune support, allergic conditions, cancer prevention & to aid the detoxification of heavy metals.

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I have visited The Aesthetic Clinique a few times now for procedures and have been extremely satisfied each time…beyond happy with the results— I get compliments constantly, even a few months out! Will definitely be returning! Highly recommended!

-Megan K

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About IV Therapy with Vitamins and Nutrients

IV therapy with vitamins and nutrients has been available for many years. IV therapy began in the 1980s with the introduction of the Myers’ Cocktail. The Myers’ Cocktail is named for the late John Myers, M.D., who used intravenous injections to treat many chronic conditions. The Myers’ Cocktail is a specific combination of nutrients including Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium, and B-Complex vitamins. These nutrients are administered as an IV drip. IV administration of nutrients through an IV drip can achieve higher concentrations in the blood than through oral supplementation. It is well known that oral supplementation yields approximately 20% absorption; whereas intravenous therapy allows for 80-90% absorption. IV administration is also appropriate where digestive health is compromised and the absorption of orally administered nutrients may be poor. Boost your confidence with iv hydration therapy here at Aesthetic Clinique.

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Frequently Asked Questions About IVbar30A

What to Expect Prior to IV Therapy Patient Treatment?

All IV therapy is under the direction of a board certified medical provider prior to treatment, a complete and thorough medical history is obtained. This history will include all medications and known drug allergies. Absolute contraindications with vitamins and nutrients include uncontrolled hypertension, heart failure, compromised renal function, liver disease, alcohol abuse, chemotherapy, and/or radiation therapy, recent surgery and a confirmed allergy to any of the ingredients.

What are Possible Side Effects/Reactions?

Given too fast, an IV may lower blood pressure causing warmth, dizziness or faintness. The only known allergic reaction to IV nutrients has been when using those with preservatives, and these reactions are quite rare. Some patients may experience burning at the localized IV site. As with any injectable treatment, there is always a risk of infection or phlebitis, although it is also very rare.

How often can I get IV therapy?

The frequency of treatments is determined on a patient by patient basis and can be discussed during initial consultation.

I’m pregnant, can I get IV therapy?

Yes, however we are not treating pregnant clients as this time.

How long do the effect of IV therapy last?

The benefits from IV therapy can last up to 2-4 weeks, but is very patient dependent.

How long will I be in the office for an IV therapy treatment session?

Treatment times vary; certain additives to an IV drip may require a slower speed of administration for maximum effectiveness. Average time is 30-45 minutes.

Can a child receive IV therapy?

Yes, however we are not treating children under the age of 18 at this time.

Can I have allergic reaction to IV therapy?

Allergic reactions to IV therapy are very rare. The vitamins are all naturally present in the body. However, allergic reactions can occur if a patient is allergic to any nutrient that contains a preservative.

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