What is Juvederm?

Juvederm injectable gel is a smooth gel filler your doctor eases under your skin to instantly smooth out those folds along the sides of your nose and mouth. It can easily fill parentheses lines on the cheeks and marionette lines stretching down from the sides of the mouth.

Juvederm can also be used to fill tear troughs under the eyes and as a lip filler to enhance thin lips. Results are not just instant, they are so smooth and natural that only you will know!

At Aesthetic Clinique, we can tell you which Juvederm formulation is right for you: Juvederm Ultra Injectable gel or Juvederm Ultra Plus.

What makes Juvederm different?

Juvederm injectable gel is produced through HYLACROSS™ technology creating a high degree of cross-linking and promoting duration for up to 6 months or longer. HYLACROSS™ technology results in a smooth consistency gel, which is a primary factor in the long-lasting, smooth, natural look and feels that is a hallmark of Juvederm wrinkle correction.

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We cater to the discerning client, who desires the upmost in customer service, quality of care, and cosmetic results. We encourage our prospective clients to do their research. We are confident that you will not find a facility which matches our experience in conjunction with our comprehensive collection of services.

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Juvederm Quick Facts

  • Composed of hyaluronic acid (HA)
  • Minimally invasive
  • Adds volume to the cheeks, temples, jawline, and lips
  • Smooths away moderate and harsh wrinkles
  • No downtime needed
  • Lasts six months to a year

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…the best injector of fillers that I have ever been to. I never have bruising (which is huge) and minimal swelling. Everyone is very nice and professional. I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to look their best to go to the Aesthetic Clinique!

-Lynne A

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Juvederm is a non-surgical procedure, so there are only a few prerequisites. You may be asked to stop using aspirin and ibuprofen seven to 10 days prior. Also, since HA requires an adequate amount of water under the skin to be effective, please avoid dehydrating substances like alcohol and salty foods starting three days before your session and continuing until at least one day after (or as directed).

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Some very minor redness, swelling, or bruising is possible after your session but should only last for a few days. You can return to work or home right away, with no special recovery period needed. Improvements in your facial features should be noticeable immediately, with full results visible once swelling has subsided.

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