A treatment session with Virtue RF addresses signs of aging without the need for invasive surgery. This radiofrequency-based procedure is designed to maximize patient results with the highest degree of safety in the industry today.

Virtue RF vs. Older Microneedling Systems

RF Microneedling is a treatment that has been available for many years. At Aesthetic Clinique, we decided after extensive testing not to bring in this technology, since the 1st-generation systems lacked the power and efficacy needed to provide the best results.

With the release of the Virtue RF system, we finally have a tool that delivers on the promise of better results for fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring, and skin laxity for men and women.

The Virtue RF system has more than triple the power of the Vivace for better results. It is 30-50% faster, so treatments can usually be done in under 30 minutes. It also allows for fractionated delivery, resulting in far greater patient comfort without the need for a reduction in power or effectiveness.

In the near future, the Virtue RF will also accept additional handpieces for larger areas of the body and for specific areas that require even deeper tightening.

How Does It Work?

At about age 20, collagen and elastin protein production in the body starts to decline. Elastin gives skin its elasticity, or ability to spring back, and collagen creates structure in the skin.

The Virtue RF system uses microneedling to create controlled micro-injuries in the skin tissues. This stimulates the skin’s healing response, prompting an increase in the natural production of collagen and elastin. At the same time, RF energy is being delivered into the skin tissues to remodel collagen and elastin and increase their production.

This dramatically reduces fine lines and wrinkles while tightening loose skin. Skin conditions such as surface scarring can also be greatly reduced.

Why Aesthetic Clinique?

We cater to the discerning client, who desires the upmost in customer service, quality of care, and cosmetic results. We encourage our prospective clients to do their research. We are confident that you will not find a facility which matches our experience in conjunction with our comprehensive collection of services.

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Why combination Tetra CoolPeel & Virtue RF Treatments work so well

Do you know that the skin is the largest organ in our body? Throughout our lives, our skin will change, slowly aging beginning in our 20s which is when our bodies actually stop producing elastin and we begin to see collagen breaking down. What is elastin? Elastin is our skin’s natural “spring”. Pinch a young person’s cheek and their skin “springs” right back to shape. Pinch an older person’s cheek and well, it takes a bit of time for that pinch to unwind! That spring back is elastin.

Collagen most everyone has heard about but few really understand its role. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and acts as a structural component that helps your skin maintain firmness. Both collagen and elastin are found within all the layers of the skin and are our chief defense in preventing fine lines & wrinkles.

As you can see in the chart below. As we age, both collagen and elastin lines begin forming shallow at first and then deepen as the years go by and without help… Well, don’t worry about that part because help we have plenty of with our combination Virtue RF & C02 CoolPeel Treatments!

How does Virtue RF & Tetra CoolPeel work together?

As you can see in the image above, these two amazing technologies work together to rebuild & generate both collagen & elastin in all layers of your skin from the top down. No one type of laser can accomplish this.

When the Tetra C02 CoolPeel energy is applied to your skin, the upper layers of your skin or dermis are stimulated to produce new collagen & elastin.

Virtue RF micro-needling is then used to penetrate deeper layers of skin without damaging the upper layers and we can precisely control the depth of penetration of the microneedles & RF energy in 1mm increments on all areas of the face and body.

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I absolutely love going to the Aesthetic Clinique. I have gone here for several years now and it is my absolute favorite thing to do for myself. These women are so professional and quickly answer my questions or concerns all while keeping me completely comfortable during these procedures. If you are considering something like this for the first time, all I can say is, do it…

-Lynnie H

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What will Virtue RF & Tetra CoolPeel do for my skin?

With the Tetra C02 Coolpeel, we are targeting the upper dermis of your skin and removing old tired dull surface skin, tightening your pores, improving your skin tone & texture, and reducing those surface fine lines while improving luminosity.

With Virtue RF, for patients with acne scars, wrinkles, minor laxity, or larger pores we are going deeper into the Dermis forcing Collagen and Elastin remodeling to take place from the inside out and outside in at the same time. Only energy treatments like this have been proven to regenerate new Elastin fibers which our bodies stop producing in our early 20’s. And you should see how great all these types of treatments are for younger patients who just want to.. Peter Pan themselves and never age much… We call that prejuvenation and it’s become a very popular treatment for younger patients!

Most patients will need a package of (3) treatments and as always, our consultations are always complimentary.

Virtue RF FAQs

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