When most people think of ultrasound, they imagine what is known as a prenatal ultrasound, which is used during pregnancy to check on the development and health of a baby, or sonography, which is diagnostic ultrasound. However, ultrasound can also be used in many different applications. These imaging tests can also be very helpful in aesthetics to ensure safe and beautiful results.

How is Ultrasound Used in Aesthetics?

Ultrasound is a non-invasive imaging test to visualize structures deep in the skin and face/neck. It works by sending out high-frequency sound waves, which bounce off of structures in the body. The ultrasound waves are then converted into electrical signals, which are changed into real-time images or videos on a computer screen. In aesthetics, ultrasound is a fantastic tool to aid in safe and effective dermal filler application. Because there are many blood vessels in the face, an ultrasound device allows providers to view these blood vessels, their depth, and their location to aid in where to safely place filler injections for desired outcomes. May aesthetics practitioners also use ultrasound to view any filler product that has been injected in the past. This can be helpful when dissolving or reversing a product, or to confirm filler placement. Overall, ultrasound provides valuable information for yourfor your practitioner to ensure safer injections.

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Dr. Weiner and Sonosthetics

Dr. Weiner was trained in ultrasound in Amsterdam by the Cutaneous Group, led by Dr. Leonie Schelke in 2019. This experience kickstarted his success as one of the world’s experts in facial ultrasound, and he is proud to be the founder and course director of Sonosthetics. This organization has created a network of industry-leading providers who have been trained in the use of ultrasound for both evaluating and treating patients. Sonosthetics offers many different courses of training including filler safety, facial anatomy, vascular mapping (facial mapping), injection techniques, and much more.

As Sonosthetics founder and course director, Dr. Weiner lectures worldwide on facial ultrasound. He also teaches his course at the AAFPRS meetings with Facial Plastic Surgeon colleagues.

Additionally, Dr. Weiner’s textbook on ultrasound anatomy will be published in 2024.

The Ultrasound Process

The ultrasound imaging process is completely pain-free. To begin, a gel is placed on the skin of the treatment area. Using various high-frequency probes, Dr. Weiner can visualize an individual’s anatomy, vasculature, and previously placed filler. Dr. Weiner is one of the very few physicians who use ultrahigh frequency transducers, up to 70 MHz, which can visualize very superficial filler, particularly around the eyes and lips.

Ultrasound enables Dr. Weiner to better understand filler complications in a patient. In some cases, various types of fillers have been injected, and often the patient is unable to remember which one was placed. Ultrasound can often discern the different filler types by their echogenicity.

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Benefits of Ultrasound in Aesthetics

There are many benefits of ultrasound use in aesthetics, including:

  • Vascular mapping before injections allows for a safer injection process.
  • Guided injections enable the injector to more accurately place filler in areas of higher risk.
  • Swelling, nodules, and vascular occlusions are all more accurately remedied using ultrasound guidance and assistance.
  • Hyaluronidase injections are more accurate and less time/product is required to ameliorate filler nodules using ultrasound.

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Ultimately, ultrasound is an ideal tool to safely guide procedures involving facial fillers and cosmetic fillers for optimal results. At the Aesthetic Clinique, patient safety is always at the forefront of our minds.

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