Some individuals may find the act of popping pimples unappealing and choose to let the blemish naturally fade away. On the other hand, others prefer to address the blemish promptly as soon as it surfaces. No matter your preferred method, it is important to note not all types of acne can be extracted the same way—professional extractions can ensure proper methods to minimize skin damage.

What are Extractions

Facial extractions are commonly known as deep pore cleanses and can minimize the occurrence of breakouts in our pores. Though many individuals give in to the temptations of pimple popping all too easily, attempting to extract your own blemishes may lead to further complications. Furthermore, many forms of acne will not respond to at-home remedies and require medical intervention—attempting to remove severe or complicated cases of acne could cause a spread of bacteria, leading to worse breakouts.

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The Facial Extraction Procedure

The Aesthetic Clinique team, trained by Dr. Steven F. Weiner, specializes in addressing facial breakouts. However, extractions can be conducted on any part of the body if needed. A variety of metal tools will be used depending on your blemish type to gently assist in extracting imperfections from the skin., and gloves will be worn to ensure a sterile environment around the treatment area. One by one, our trained practitioner will begin extracting blemishes, pustules, and blackheads from the skin—if any acne types appear too stubborn for a typical extraction, our Aesthetic Clinique team may recommend adding an alternative treatment for some extra assistance.

Once your extraction has been completed, the treatment area will receive a gentle, soothing massage to help calm the skin and ease any irritation. Patients undergoing extractions as part of a larger treatment plan may notice an increase in breakouts about two days after their procedure—this is known as skin purging and is a good sign that your body is properly disposing of waste in the skin. The duration of each procedure can vary from client to client but averages around twenty to thirty minutes in length. While cosmetic extractions do remove pre-existing blemishes, the results of extraction are not permanent, and patients will need to schedule future appointments should another severe flare-up arise.

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Facial Extraction Results and Recovery

Just like when you pop pimples at home, it is expected to notice mild redness after a professional extraction. Any wounds or apparent redness will begin to subside within 24 hours of your extraction session. Patients should anticipate future sessions to maintain their results and skin health. After each treatment, patients will have visibly clearer skin with minimal scarring or complication. Rather than creating a big scab that takes time to heal, extractions can reduce acne without any damage to the surrounding skin.

Though you may feel some pain or pressure during your procedure, there is no real downtime associated with facial extractions, so patients do not need to worry about a lengthy recovery. Nevertheless, it is encouraged that you avoid touching or applying anything to the treated area for at least 24 hours. You should also limit your sun exposure and rigorous activity.

Extractions do not prevent further breakouts from occurring, so patients should not expect permanent results. You can discuss ways to maintain your results and enhance your skincare routine during your consultation—Aesthetic Clinique offers a wide array of medical-grade skincare suitable to your unique needs.

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