A few weeks ago on our Radio Program we discussed a study that showed how you look (happy, sad, angry, irritated) can affect how people perceive you and in fact how you feel on the inside.

These before and after images although to me appear to be a bit exaggerated, are indicative of the differences we see in patients receiving Botox, Dysport & Xeomin treatments especially between the eyes commonly referred to as the LL’s.

Would You Get Botox If Kids Thought You Looked Angry All the Time?

Written by Adele Rayburn

Despite Botox’s popularity and widened use among women of all demographics,you might be surprised to find out that treatments are on the rise among women who take care of kids all day. (Yep, it’s no longer a luxury reserved for jetsetting stars like Kim Kardashian!) These days, it’s easier than ever to get the star treatment thanks to simple procedures becoming more accessible –– but it’s one of the reasons why the treatment’s so popular that we find particularly intriguing.

We know what you’re thinking: Why would someone who spends time with children care about a few forehead wrinkles? After all, you’d think most 7-year-olds would be too busy watching Frozen to have time for your crows feet. Well, not so much.

“My children asked me why I always looked angry and had lines in between my eyes,” revealed RealSelf user Eva from Thornhill. “I didn’t realize that I was usually frowning, even if I wasn’t angry.”

Lines and wrinkles define a person’s face, but they also have the unfortunate ability to “harden” our features, or –– as Eva from Thornhill explained –– make us look angry, which is something kids definitely notice. And seeing as how children don’t have preconceived notions about standards of beauty, it can be especially hurtful when they innately think you look mean.

Botox injections offer a quick and impermanent fix by relaxing the muscles that cause that furrow of the brow. “A lot of people would probably think I was being very wasteful in spending money for Botox,” shared RealSelf user dria43402. “But to me, feeling good about how I look, and being able to look as joyful in my face as I feel in my soul –– it’s worth it to freeze the frown!”

Botox is a great way to lighten up your look, and is also the simplest and least expensive method for getting rid of unwanted wrinkles. While the results only last three to four months, the non-surgical treatment is an amazing option for those who wouldn’t choose to undergo a more invasive procedure like a brow lift.

“Botox took care of the ‘angry mom’ look […] I’ve had for a decade,” reveals RealSelf user Looking my Best. “I am extremely happy with the result!”

“About one week [after Botox], I already looked happier,” adds Eva from Thornhill. “I found that people responded to me differently when I wasn’t frowning.”

It goes without saying that Botox has proven to be a wonderful fix for many of the moms and teachers out there, but the question begs to be asked: Would you go under the needle if kids thought you looked angry or mean? Take our poll below!

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