One of the most frequently asked questions I’m asked is why we have all this technology. While most centers who offer services similar to ours has one to three lasers or energy devices we now have 12. Our systems include: Fractional 1540 Fractional XD, Fractional 1540 Fractional XF, MaxG, MaxR, Max Y, Matrix Fractional RF, HydraFacial MD w/LED’s, Cynosure Elite YAG, Cynosure Elite Alexandrite,VelaShape,Vanquish&Exilis Elite.

There are a few reasons we have so many… First as you’ve likely read in the past, no one laser can do everything. Believe me if it could we’d only have one as these lasers are very, very expensive to own and operate. South Florida has a very diverse population ranging from very light skin to very dark African Americans and all types of shades in between. As one example, an Alexandrite laser is very effective on lighter skin but can burn darker skin. A YAG laser is excellent on darker skin but ineffective on lighter skin. The other and for us most important reason is that research is proving dramatic improvements when combining multiple & different types of lasers into a package.

If a patient comes in with sun damage/age spots, large pores, skin laxity, visible acne scars and uneven complexion (about 60% of almost every patient we see) one laser is not going to provide a great result. In this case the patient would have the best results by combining a MaxG for sun damage/age spots, 1540 XD for the acne scars, Matrix RF for uneven complexion & Exilis Elite for skin laxity. Just these (4) devices if a patient could afford to buy them would cost over $350,000 & 10% of that fee annually to maintain them not to mention the cost of hiring a medical professional to administer them.

Thankfully, we’ve gone through and spared no expense in bringing to our patients the very best technology in the world today at prices most everyone can afford. By combining lasers together we can achieve results not thought possible just a few years ago. As we move forward in time and having already previewed what’s coming out over the next few years I’m very comfortable stating that while not much new in laser technology is coming out (many copycat systems to what exists today), combination treatments are what’s being talked about the most at the medical aesthetic conferences.

One recent conference was on fat transfer which Dr. LaGrasso performs following a VASER procedure. Fat removed from the midsection and flanks with the VASER system allows about 90% of that fat to be healthy enough for transplantation into the face, buttocks, dimples or any other area that has lost volume. I was stunned to learn that surgeons using standard liposuction type technology only did fat transplantation about 25% of the time principally because much of the fat is injured and not viable using the older technology. That’s the equivalent of throwing away liquid gold… If you didn’t know a standard conventional liposuction system is typically about $15-20,000 while the VASER systems Dr. LaGrasso uses cost $165,000. Point is that while the surgeon’s skill is paramount to results the type of technology they use also greatly factors into what’s possible and what’s not.

Our goals are to provide the world-class FDA approved technology that has the safest profile & best results. Another question I’m asked is what type of guarantee do you offer? The truth is and as it clearly outlined in all our consent forms, Medical Aesthetics is still very much the practice of medicine and there are never any guarantees. Something as simple and innocent as an over the counter aspirin can cure a headache in one patient, do nothing for patient two and in patient three cause a life threatening reaction. Same aspirin but very different results…

Some patients, through a combination of factors that may include age, severe sun damage, environmental exposure, alcohol or drug abuse, genetics & smoking respond at a more modest level than do other patients. Everyone is different and results can vary. Another example is laser hair removal. While 90% of all patients obtain great results, a few patients generally of Mideast heritage may carry a gene that actually grows hair when stimulated by lasers.

If someone at a center offers you a guaranteed outcome or lower price than reputable centers that should be a sign that something is wrong. There are a ton of Illegal Chinese Lasers all throughout South Florida that have never undergone FDA testing nor approval. More and more patients are coming into see us following injuries that have included disfigurement and burns. So why are practices buying these devices? They are purchased because these systems typically cost 90% less than FDA approved lasers and that’s why the prices are so low.

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By: Brian Sidella
Owner & Founder – [mrktmade_shortcode config=”practice”]

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