If you have ever looked at before and after pictures of individuals who have had eyelid surgery, you know that it is a surgery that can dramatically improve a person’s appearance. It can take an individual who looks tired and worn out make them look refreshed and youthful. You may be wondering if this surgery is right for you. Let’s discuss some things that make a person a good candidate for this surgery.

Is There a Right Age for Eyelid Surgery?

There is no specific age that a person has to be in order to get the most benefits from eyelid surgery. One of the things that our surgeon is going to look at is the condition of your skin. This is going to help the surgeon determine if your skin has enough elasticity and is healthy enough to get good results from the surgery. Other things they will consider are your lifestyle and your genetic makeup. Some of our clients are as young as 30 when they have eyelid surgery, while others may be 65 years of age and older.

Eyelid surgery is used to reduce droopy upper eyelids or to get rid of the circles or bags under your eyes. Most individuals do not have these problems in their younger years. Of course, genetics may cause a person to have loose skin on their upper and lower eyelids before most other people start to experience these problems. If you are starting to notice that the skin around your eyes is loose, we invite you to set up a consultation no matter your age. This surgery can make a huge difference in your everyday life.

What Eyelid Surgery Can Address

Good candidates are going to have specific issues that this surgery can address. Do you have excess skin that makes it difficult to see the natural fold in your upper eyelids? Do you notice that your upper eyelids are very puffy, making it look like you are upset or tired? Do you have upper eyelids that have so much excess skin that it impairs your vision? All of these things can be addressed with upper eyelid surgery. Lower eyelid surgery can address dark circles and bags under the eyes. If you feel like the skin under your eyes is almost like crepe paper, the surgery can help you as well.

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