VelaShape® offers you an innovative approach to sculpt your body when you need a little extra help. It involves using a special device that combines the use of radiofrequency energy to warm the tissues of your body with a vacuum to apply the force of suction to the treated tissues. In the end, the device promotes the development of collagen in the affected area of your body. Your circulation will improve as well. This causes the skin to tighten up and become smoother. It will result in a reduction in circumference in the area and eliminate the dimpled appearance that comes with cellulite.

Why Choose VelaShape® for Body Contouring?

This is a non-invasive approach to contour your body. It will not involve any downtime. You can focus on one area or target several areas, such as your upper arms, your thighs, your buttocks and your abdomen. The treatment itself is a pleasant experience that can be compared to a deep tissue massage. You will feel a sensation of warmth that is relaxing while the device goes to work to target your trouble spots.

Is VelaShape® the Right Choice for You?

You should be at your ideal weight or close to the weight you want to be before you consider VelaShape®. This technique is not a magical fix for weight loss. It is intended to contour your body when you have some deposits of resistant fat. If you need to lose a considerable amount of weight, you should find a safe program that combines fitness and healthy eating habits. Once you have lost weight, you can think about this procedure.

VelaShape® is helpful after extreme weight loss when you need to tighten loose skin or eliminate stubborn deposits of fat that don’t want to go away. Once you have had the treatments, you will notice a difference in the contours of your body. Your clothes will fit better than they did before. You’ll notice that your skin is smoother and tighter in the areas that have been treated. Bulges will disappear as well. This procedure can help you to deal with parts of your body that can be so frustrating. You owe it to yourself to discover if this advance in cosmetic procedures can work for you.

Learn More About VelaShape®

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