Over the past decade, we’ve been treating patients, a few categories have become obvious as to what causes premature aging of the skin. The first two I think most of us can guess which are excessive or unprotected sun exposure and the second one is smoking. Both are not only horrible for your skin…Both also frequently cause cancer and even death…

There is a third very real danger to your skin, and that is drinking alcohol. Now we’re not talking about the occasional glass of wine here. I’m speaking of the people who drink 2-3 drinks every night or most every night. They too, much like patients exposed to sun damage and smoking look years older than they should. We actually and unfortunately see patients who partake in all three of the cardinal sins of aging above and they look as you would expect pretty bad in general. Maybe not Keith Richards bad but well on their way…

If you should have a night or two when you overly imbibe, it’s very important to “flood” your body with water for days following that episode. Most of us are on the dehydrated side, to begin with, and alcohol further depletes your body of fluids.

But it’s not all bad…for patients who are looking for a way to look 10 years younger 10 years from now we offer the Forever Young Protocol, which uses broadband light that research has proven turns on over 1,000 anti-aging gene expressions that actually reverse signs of aging in your face. Here is the link to the blog article with before and after pictures and another on the miracle of increasing water and the effect that has on aging. Of course to maximize the benefits of any service be it Botox or fillers or even Plastic Surgery it’s very important not to partake in the 3 deadly sins of aging. For more information about our anti-aging services, contact Forever Young Med Spatoday to schedule your consultation.

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