Q: Is it safe to use V-Beam laser on the face if Juvederm has been injected into the cheek area?

A: VBeam will not affect Juvederm or other fillers

There have been numerous studies showing no affect of lasers on any of the dermal fillers. The VBeam is actually a fairly superficial laser as well.

Q: Will the vbeam be a good recommendation for me?

A: Redness after acne eruption, VBeam is a perfect solution

The VBeam is made to improve redness. State of the art. It is also good to improve acne. So in your case you will get a double benefit: acne and redness improvement. There is minimal downtime, just some redness for a few hours. You will need 2-3 treatments

Q: Is the Vbeam Perfecta Laser Good to Get Rid of Red Marks Left from Acne? (photo)

A: VBeam is the go to laser for redness after acne

The VBeam is tried and true for this particular problem. It takes about 3 sessions to get the improvement but everyone is different. It also helps with ongoing acne. Steve Weiner, MD, Destin, Panama City Beach, FL

Q: Has Anyone Used the V Beam to Treat Redness from a Chemical Peel? I’m 20 Weeks Post Peel (40% TCA Done by a Plastic Surgeon).

A: VBeam will work for post peel, post laser resurfacing redness

The VBeam is very well suited for treating your condition.  Usually 2-3 are needed to decrease the redness.  It’s about a 10 minute procedure with no downtime, no topical, and nearly painless.

Q: How Many V Beam Treatments Needed for Broken/dilated Capillaries?

A: Vessels and Redness need 2-3 treatments with the VBeam

In general, 2-3 treatments with the VBeam can improve enlarged vessels and redness.  Over time, these can return.  Some people this is a year, some a few years.  There is no major side effects other than slight redness and maybe some swelling which lasts a couple hours, at most, overnight.

Q: Perfecta V Beam Okay for Asian Skin Type?

A: VBeam on Asian Skin is ok if skin is not too dark

There are studies treating Asians with the VBeam showing it’s safe and effective. It treats all vascular lesions such as hemangiomas, telangietasias, Portwine stains, rosacea, red scars, agiomas, and can treat acne.

Q: Will VBeam Treat White Stretch Marks?

A: VBeam for stretch marks works only in they are red

If the stretch marks are mature and white, the VBeam will not work.  Stretch marks are tough to treat and you can only expect mild but real improvement with the Fraxel Dual.  I don’t think using the CO2 laser on your skin type is a good idea but it is also used for stretch marks.  I don’t think pigmentation should be a problem it you treat with hydroquinones before and after.

Q: Can I V-Beam my Ears?

A: VBeam can be used on ears to treat small vessels (telangiectasias)

Yes, the VBeam is excellent for treatment of vessels on the ears.  The only place it doesn’t work well is on the legs because the pressure in these vessels is higher and the vessels are deeper.

Q: How Soon Can I Fly After Recieving a Vbeam Procedure?

A: Flying immediately after VBeam is perfectly ok

I have the VBeam Perfecta, the top of the line, latest version.  It’s algorithms are set so there is very little chance of bruising.  The most I see is usually only mild redness and occasional swelling.  Flying afterwards will not affect your outcome at all.

Q: Can V-beam Perfecta Effect Hair Growth After Treatment Like Cause Hair Loss on the Body Where It is Used

A: VBeam should not affect hair growth in area treated.

A VBeam may temporarily remove hair in the area treated but there is no long term hair removal by the VBeam.  It can vaporize the hair but not get deep enough to affect the hair follicle.

Q: V-beam Recovery, Is Delayed Pinkness Common?

A: Redness after VBeam is normal

After having a VBeam, it is not uncommon to have some redness which can last up to about a week.  You can have some bruising as well.  In general though, the redness is very mild, and the social downtime in minimal after having a VBeam.

Q: Will V Beam Help with Acne?

A: VBeam good for both acne and redness associated with it

The VBeam is a rather easily tolerated laser for treatment of redness associated with acne.  It also helps improve the acne.  It is usually done in a series of 3-4 treatments separated by about 3-4 weeks.  Of course, topical medications are needed to treat acne as well.

Q: Can V Beam Help Diffused Redness if IPL Didnt Help?

A: VBeam is better than the IPL for redness

The VBeam was specifically designed to take care of redness.  It’s actually safer than the IPL because it has DCD cooling which keeps the skin cooler than an IPL and because it is more specific for the redness than the IPL is.  As far as discomfort, the VBeam is extremely comfortable too.  It can take more than one treatment to get optimal results.

Q: Is V-Beam Good for Facial Erythema / Ruddy Complexion?

A: VBeam is great for Facial Erythema and Ruddy Complexion

The VBeam laser is the gold standard for treatment anything that is vascular or red.  It is great for treating generalized redness, enlarged vessels (telangiectasias), rosacea, hemangiomas, vascular lakes, poikiloderma, and port wine stains,  You must make sure that the ruddy complexion is not a cummulation of actinic keratosis, which would be best treat, in my opinion, with Levulan followed by activation with the VBeam.

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