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It’s okay to talk about these things now. Women are discussing this subject at bars and parties. Restoring and enhancing the vaginal area is now popular, the “in” thing. The industry has gotten onboard with no less than 6 devices that have entered the market in the last 12 months for treating this area cosmetically. A colleague has called 2016, “The Year of the Vagina”. The only one that is different is ThermiVa and here’s why.

  • ThermiVa is completely non invasive with no healing required
  • There is no downtime – physical and even sexual activity can resume immediately
  • ThermiVa can tighten vaginal laxity
  • ThermiVa can improve “leaky bladders”
  • ThermiVa can enhance the appearance of the labia
  • ThemiVa improves lubrication associated with atrophy
  • There is no topical or blocks needed for pain
  • Improve sexual gratification, orgasmic function

ThermiVa works by gently heating the tissues up to the desired preset temperature using radiofrequency (RF). The heat causes release of factors with result in increased vascularity to the area, increased collagen production, and tissue tightening. The temperature is not too hot, but tolerable, and has been described as similar to heat from a hot stone massage. There is immediate tightening that patients recognize as well as an improved cosmetic appearance. Full results take about 3 months to fully appreciate.

It is recommended to have 3 treatments spaced about 1 month apart. Results should last about 12 months and touch ups will keep the results up at that time. There are essentially no risks or major side effects. Treatment times are about 30-40 minutes and regular activities can begin immediately afterwards.

There are several anecdotal stories of the partners of women who received the ThermiVa enjoying the results as much as the patient. It’s a procedure both will benefit from.

It is no longer taboo to discuss female sexuality or functional problems in the vaginal area. ThermiVa allows for a quick, no downtime procedure that addresses several areas for which improvement is desired. Please call our office to discuss further, 850.622.1214.




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