So, how do you make the best skin tightening & body contouring device even better. Do you make it more powerful? Do you dramatically increase the safety? Do you improve the cooling & heating protocols to maximize results?

The answers are yes, yes & yes…

The new Exilis Elite is twice as powerful and the result in that increase in powers translates into better results with fewer treatments. For skin tightening we can now achieve even better skin tightening in 2 treatments what used to require 4 treatments to achieve. As most of you know the Exilis is an RF or Radio Frequency device. One of the challenges of RF is that if you lose contact with the skin the RF energy can ARC or spark.

With the new Exilis Elite that challenge has been overcome because the new system monitors skin contact 1000 times a second and the instant the hand piece loses contact, power is shut down. The result is the safest RF system in the world today with results that truly are “knife like results without the knife”.

Exilis elite

The other key change is with body contouring. The new Exilis Elite offers improvement with the delivery of cooling and heating that dramatically improve results. As an example one of the key benefits of the Exilis is that the RF energy is able to penetrate up to 4cm deep into the fat and deliver to the fat a temperature greater than 44.2 Celsius. Why is that important? Clinical research has proven that not only can you cause a fat cell to lose its lipids through heating, but if you maintain a temperature of 44.2C for 4-5 minutes, fat cell destruction can occur as well.

The Exilis Elite now allows us to deliver energy to the different layers of fat by adjusting the cooling & heating to deliver the energy to the fat from top to bottom as depicted in the picture below. No other device has the ability to keep the top layer of skin safe & cool while heating varying layers of fat down to as deep as 4cm by adjusting the cooling/heating levels to target the fat deposits at different depth.

Exilis elite

Exilis elite

[mrktmade_shortcode config=”practice”]is committed to bringing our patients the very best FDA approved treatments. The Exilis Elite is yet another example of that. One key point to keep in mind is that it’s not just the technology. Most of these types of devices are EXTREMELYoperator dependent.

It takes both a great understanding of how to achieve the best results with a flawless technique born out of the expertise gained in having performed over 9,000 body shaping & skin tightening treatments since 2005. Many vendors use [mrktmade_shortcode config=”practice”]’s staff to test out new equipment and protocols because of our expertise in these areas.

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