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Tanning Industry Exposed: Multiple Studies Confirm Link Between Indoor Tanning & Skin Cancer

The number of people affected by skin cancer has increased dramatically in the USA. By current estimates, more than 3.5 million skin cancers in more than 2 million people are diagnosed annually.

The incidence rates of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, have been increasing for at least 30 years. In fact, melanoma is the most common form of cancer for young adults, 25-29 years old, and the second most common form of cancer for adolescents and young adults, 15-29 years old.

The US Department of Health and Human Services and the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer have classified UV radiation from tanning devices as dangerous to humans and carcinogenic (cancer-causing), just like tobacco smoke.

A review of seven studies found a 75 percent increase in the risk of melanoma in those who had been exposed to UV radiation from indoor tanning

A 2012 U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce investigative report, “False and Misleading Health Information Provided by the Indoor Tanning Industry,” found that “the vast majority of tanning salons contacted by the Committee investigators provided false information about the serious risks of indoor tanning and made specious claims about the health benefits that indoor tanning provides.”

Our patients need to understand these risks to yourself and your children. Tanning beds emulate the same UV A & B rays as the sun. Tanning with the sun has almost the same risk as UV Tanning Beds.

Every person young or old needs daily sunscreen and [mrktmade_shortcode config=”practice”] has one of the very few FDA tested and approved 8 hour waterproof Sunscreen on the market and we offer ColoreScience as well.

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