IPL RejuveLux™ Photofacials are a powerful tool when it comes to combating the damage that the sun can do to your skin. Unfortunately, most people do not appreciate how powerful the sun’s rays are. People just want to have that perfect tan. And so, they will go out and lay in the sun for hours on end. Or it could be that people just want to enjoy themselves and take advantage of the warm Summer months. As such, they will play on the beach, they will play sports and they will engage in a whole host of activities without using the appropriate sunscreen or sun protection. It is not until they get older that they really start to see the effect that their overexposure to the sun has had on them. They notice pigmentation issues, sunspots and maybe even veins that are more visible on their face, their chest and their arms.

Fortunately, IPL RejuveLux™ Photofacials are designed to be a safe, comfortable and effective way to reverse sun damage and signs of aging. These treatments work by destroying pigment so that your body can absorb it in order to remove the unwanted pigmentation through exfoliation. If you have small capillaries or small veins on your face, these will be heated to the point where they coagulate. The coagulated veins are eventually absorbed by the body and removed.

In addition to addressing sun damage and sunspots, IPL RejuveLux™ Photofacials can be used to treat spider veins and rosacea. The procedure works by emitting pulses of light on your skin. These pulses of light are absorbed by pigmentation in the sunspots or in other areas of discoloration. It is also absorbed by the blood in visible blood vessels. The energy is converted to heat, and the cells in the treated area are destroyed. This causes your pigmentation to dissolve and blood vessels to shrink.

For many people, IPL RejuveLux™ Photofacials are all that they need to keep their skin looking its best. If other treatments are needed in conjunction with it, our experienced cosmetic professionals at Forever Young Med Spawill recommend a series of treatments they feel will work best. Our office is located in [mrktmade_shortcode config=”locations.primary.city”] and we happily serve clients in the Ft. Lauderdale/Fort Lauderdale areas. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for IPL RejuveLux™ Photofacials.

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