Minimize Lines and Wrinkles with BOTOX

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Many cosmetic treatments undergo shifts in popularity over time. However, for decades, BOTOX® has maintained its position as one of the top procedures for achieving a more youthful appearance.

People who struggle with lines, wrinkles and skin laxity often find that BOTOX® is highly effective for addressing these issues without the need for surgery.

About BOTOX®

BOTOX® is a non-surgical treatment for wrinkles and fine lines. Although it is primarily used for cosmetic purposes, it is also approved for use in controlling an overactive bladder and certain types of migraines.

Here are few of the benefits that patients can experience from BOTOX®:

Furthermore, BOTOX® can be used to address many issues on different areas of the face, such as:

How BOTOX® is Used

BOTOX® is delivered by injection using a very fine needle, so you may feel some stinging sensations. The practitioner will carefully measure the BOTOX® and inject it into your facial muscles at the points that you would like to improve.

The number of injections required is determined by the number and severity of your lines and wrinkles. In most cases, the results of the treatment will wear off after approximately four to six months. After this, you may return for an additional treatment.

Preparing for BOTOX® Treatment

If you’ve undergone treatment with other injectables in the past four months, you should notify us. Blood-thinning substances, like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) should not be taken prior to treatment as they can increase bruising. Also, notify us if you’re using any medications to manage sleep, allergies or pain.

Recovering from BOTOX® Treatment

Strenuous exercise is not recommended immediately after your procedure, and you should avoid rubbing your face for several hours. If you experience any discomfort or swelling, you may take an over-the-counter pain reliever or apply a cold compress.

BOTOX® Candidates

BOTOX® is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women, people under the age of 18 or anyone who suffers from a neuromuscular disease.

If you’re tired of struggling with wrinkles and fine lines, then BOTOX® may be a good option for you. Contact Forever Young today to schedule your appointment.