Rapidly becoming one of the most popular skin rejuvenation treatments available in the Fort Lauderdale area, the HydraFacial MD® is a multi-step cleansing and exfoliation procedure that results in youthful, radiant facial skin. Unlike most other skin rejuvenation procedures that target one specific concern, the HydraFacial MD® treatment addresses such issues as clogged pores, damaged epidermal cells, and moisture loss.

We highly recommend this treatment to our clients who bring us concerns about age-related skin problems, especially those problems aggravated by environmental factors such as sun exposure. Wrinkled, crepey skin that has become discolored, more prominent to injury and acne scars, and other forms of hyperpigmentation such as age spots and freckles may be improved after undergoing a HydraFacial MD® treatment.


We use a special HydraFacial MD® deplaning tool that looks a bit like a rotary toothbrush. It gently targets the skin surface and removes dirt, grime, and dead or damaged epidermal cells. The procedure is not as harsh as traditional dermabrasion, and it won’t create scars or puncture through to the lower dermal layers.

Peel Treatment

This step is performed by applying a special solution to the skin surface. The solution won’t sting, and it sits on the epidermis for a few minutes before it’s washed away using a solvent. Unlike other peel treatments, this one lifts away the epidermis immediately, exposing the dermal layer without causing harm to it.


A tool known as a vortex extraction instrument is used to get out all of the gunk that’s clogging the pores. This opens up the skin to the outside air, the result being much more efficient moisture absorption.


We use another tool to infuse nutrients directly into the skin. The infusion contains peptides and antioxidants, and they help to accelerate the production of new epidermal and dermal cells.

After the treatment is complete, the skin is noticeably smoother and wrinkles are less prominent. In the weeks to come, discolorations become less noticeable. It’s no wonder why so many Ft. Lauderdale residents love this treatment.

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