One of the most shocking topics we see and hear about almost every week are the number of patients who go to houses, hotels and illegal centers to have injections done in their face and body. What’s even more disturbing is that patients are being injected with unknown, unregulated and non-FDA approved products by untrained people. I understand that the lure of price can be a huge incentive for someone to “try” out something however… NOT when it comes to something medical.

I believe the buying public has become confused with the term “Cosmetic Procedure”. Every department store has a cosmetic’s counter and stores like Sephora are entirely set up around Cosmetic everything. The public assumes that anything Cosmetic is safe so shop for the lowest prices.

The industry [mrktmade_shortcode config=”practice”] is in is not Cosmetic but rather “Medical Aesthetics” and I’d like to see our industry adopt this type of description for every surgical & non-surgical medical procedure offered. If a procedure requires a physician license to order or legally requires a certified medical practitioner to administer, than it should be classified as a Medical Aesthetics Procedure.

Lastly, patients should understand that while a lower price can seem attractive, in every case we’ve seen or read about, the cost to treat the damage caused by these backroom procedures is in the tens of thousands of dollars and in many cases results in permanent disfigurement. If you know of someone receiving illegal injections please share this link with them as you may be saving them from a lifetime of anguish.

Illegal fillers can leave devastating results

By: Michelle Sprehe

Illegal fillers can have devastating effects on a patient’s body and can be extremely hard to try to correct any resulting disfigurement.Illegal filler use

At his South Florida cosmetic surgery practice, John Martin, M.D. sees more than his fair share of patients who have had illegal filler work done.

“For better or worse, I’m becoming known for taking care of these patients,” Dr. Martin says. “It’s slow-going and very difficult. Once you’ve seen a couple, then a lot start coming in and getting referred by other patients.”
Dr. Martin will be discussing his experience with treatment of illegal fillers and the complications that come with it at the 2014 Vegas Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology meeting in June.

“I think especially for people who don’t see this, it’s really kind of fascinating and disturbing what’s being injected into people and the complications they can have including people dying from this,” Dr. Martin says. “Especially in South Florida, we’ve had a rash of complications and death as result of illegal fillers.”

Many of the patients Dr. Martin sees have had illegal fillers in the form of high-volume biopolymers and industrial-grade silicone injected into their face — usually the cheeks and marionettes — and buttocks.

Illegal filler use

“I think as the incidence of illegal fillers increase, people have to know what can they do to help the people who have had it done and also create some educational venues within their community to warn others about the dangers of having this done,” he says. “You really have to get some education to let people know that this is not what you want to be putting into your body.”

Dr. Martin will be presenting on this topic at 9:48 a.m. onday three(June 20) of the Vegas Cosmetic Surgery meeting.

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