Getting on the good side of the doctor that makes you look better can definitely have its benefits.  Following these suggestions can get you some brownie points.

  1. Stay well informed.  Search out your Doctor’s website, Facebook Page, Blog, and YouTube Channel to learn about the procedures that are offered.  This can make the initial consultation go more smoothly.  You can narrow the options before the office visit according to your lifestyle and concerns.  Watching videos of the procedure being performed can greatly improve your comfort level by knowing what to expect.
  2. Be Nice and Smile.  Smiles are contagious.  We are all here to make you look good and feel better about yourself.
  3. If you have a budget, let us know.  It’s very important that everyone is on the same page when deciding on a particular treatment.  For example, lasers are usually more expensive for treating certain skin conditions (sun damage), but they get faster and better results than the less expensive options (chemical peels).  Treatment plans can be tailored to meet all budgets.
  4. Try to stay with one physician.  The lure of a “Groupon Special” on Botox or fillers is enticing.  However, pricing should not be the primary motivation for choosing where you go.  Qualifications, experience, and customer service should be much more important factors in your decision-making.  It’s often hard to piece together what was done if you have gone to several different physicians.
  5. If you have a social event, try to get treated a week or two in advance.  Waiting too close to an event can cause undue anxiety when there is some minor bruising or swelling.  Give us doctors a little leeway (a week) so that everything can settle down from your filler administration.  Even though Dysport may kick in faster than Botox, it still needs 3-5 days to see its full effect.
  6. Try to hold off the blood thinners when coming in for injections.  If you take herbal supplements, aspirin, anti-inflammatories, vitamin E, or fish oil, the chance of having bruising is much higher than if they were held for a few days (aspirin needs about 12 days).  Even a physician with the most delicate touch and technique can’t always avoid bruising when injecting someone who has “thinner blood”.  Of course, if the thinners are medical necessary, you must continue their use.
  7. Don’t ask your doctor to make your lips too big.  Remember, every patient is a walking billboard for the doctor’s practice.  Most doctors want to be known for natural looking enhancements.  There needs to be dialog between the patient and doctor when the patient’s wishes are beyond the realm of what is naturally appearing.
  8. Don’t tan or use sunless tanners before laser procedures.  The risk of pigmentary issue goes way up when lasers are used on tan skin.  Usually at least 3 weeks are needed to be out of the sun for laser work.  The problem with sunless tanners is that the pigment in the product can absorb or reflect the laser and cause potentially even more damage to the skin than a tan would.
  9. Follow the recommended post treatment instructions.  To get the maximum benefit with the least amount of side effects, there are certain do’s and don’ts after all procedures.  Most physicians will either give a printed instruction sheet or will have them on their website.
  10. Don’t use grandma’s homeopathic remedy on your skin after peels or lasers.  After a laser resurfacing, the skin is 50 times more sensitive to topicals creams.  Please use the skincare regime outlined by your physician.
  11. If there is some issue after a procedure, LET US KNOW!  Almost always, there are minor little adjustments which can be made to your Botox or filler treatment that can correct an undesired result.  From a doctor’s perspective, we want to have happy clients.  We would much rather have you call or come in for any issue rather than lament at home.
  12. Give us a shout out.  If you are extremely pleased with how you look and feel after a treatment, tell your friends.  In fact, bring your friend(s) with you to your next visit.  Write a review on Facebook, Yelp, or Google Plus.

Dr. Steven Weiner is a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon practicing in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, between Destin and Panama City Beach, Florida. After laying down his scalpel in 2005 he has devoted his practice to Lasers and Injectables.

Blog: http://stevenfweinermd.wordpress.com/

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/StevenFWeinerFacial

Website: http://www.theclinique.net

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