[mrktmade_shortcode config=”practice”] Public Service Announcement. The very real dangers of unlicensed injectors in South Florida from The Doctors TV Show.

Recently in the Sun Sentinel there was an article called “Buyer beware” about different types of offices offering Botox, Lasers, Cosmetic Surgery & Fillers.

The article detailed some very bad outcomes from patients receiving injections by non-medical staff like Massage Therapists and others who have no business EVER injecting anyone.

Under Florida Law, only a Physician, Certified Nurse Practitioner (Livia) or Physician Assistant may inject a patient or perform a laser treatment (other than laser hair removal) unless the Doctor is physically onsite.

If the Doctor is not physically onsite, only a Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant can perform these medical procedures.

The link to the video below is very graphic and not for the faint of heart and is from The Doctors TV show this morning. Many of you know that my wife, Diana, (http://www.santamarialaw.net/) has her own Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice Law Firm in Davie. One of her clients had just such a procedure done by a massage therapist that resulted in the client being hospitalized for over 70 days and will likely be permanently disfigured by an unknown substance that was injected into her by someone not licensed or qualified to do so.

The Internet, TV and Magazines are full of too good to be true prices for Aesthetic Procedures. We do understand especially in this economy, that price is important.

Price however should always be secondary to medical aesthetic practitioner certification, safety and results. Someone inserting a needle or applying a laser to your face must be a licensed medical professional, certified to legally do so and should specialize in the treatment they are about to perform. We frequently see and treat patients who thought the price was too good to pass up only to find out it was far more expensive to fix and heal from that experience.

Also YOU NEED TO KNOW what is being injected as some centers are injecting non FDA approved substances like Industrial Silicone, Fake Botox & Fillers from China & South America.

Cheap imitation lasers & aesthetic devices from China are all over South Florida. While we pay up to $140,000 for an FDA approved Laser others buy a similar looking lasers from China for $6,000 that has never gone through FDA testing, protocol testing, approval or certification.

If you see discounted prices that are far below market prices it should be a warning sign that something is not right.

If you know of anyone receiving Injections or Lasers by unlicensed facilities or staff I urge you to forward them this email. You may be saving their appearance or even their life as this kind of outcome happens all too often in South Florida.


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