Do’s and Don’ts for Laser Hair Removal

I took some time to write down some do’s and don’ts for receiving laser hair removal treatments. Of course we hope you receive your treatments from [mrktmade_shortcode config=”practice”] however, if you don’t, please use this as a guide to ensure your comfort and safety.

  1. If the center does not have you fill out a Fitzpatrick skin typing questionaire, you’re in the wrong place.
  2. If the center does not take a medical history you’re in the wrong place. Laser hair removal is a medical treatment and the lasers are not toys.
  3. Do not have a LHR treatment if you have had a recent (past 5-7 days) suntan, been in a tanning booth, used tanning spray, had a sunburn, are using a diplatory, have waxed in the past week or are taking any medication that cause light or sun senstitivity such as Accutane, coal tar, St. Johns Wart, Tetracyclines class of antibiotics, ibuprofen (popularly sold as Advil and Motrin), ketoprofen (Orudis), naproxen (Aleve) and celecoxib (Celebrex). These can potentially cause either or both photoallergic and phototoxic reactions in them.
  4. If you have Herpes it’s very important to go on Valtrex or similar medication a few days before and after treatments especially if the treatment is around the mouth.
  5. The Gold standard is that 80-90% of the hair will be permanently reduced. Don’t expect 100% as very few patients ever achieve this
  6. Hair grows in phases which is why most patients will need 6 treatments and darker skin patients will need more
  7. Don’t ever hide the fact that you’ve been exposed or will expose the treated area to unprotected sun. It will likely cause a burn. You cannot go to the beach and tan your legs that have just had a laser hair treatment. We ask patients to wait a week before and week after treatments.
  8. If the center offers anything other than LHR such as Botox or other laser treatments, under Florida Law the medical director must be a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist
  9. Always ask what certification the technician has, how long have they been performing laser hair removal, how many patients have they treated, what type of laser are they usin and is it FDA approved. Take the time to write down the name of the laser and look it up.
  10. Beware of the flood of cheap Chinese lasers that have never undergone FDA testing or approval. If the price seems to good to be true there must be a reason.

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