This blog entry is filled with random facts and procedures that many people don’t know are available at The Aesthetic Clinique.

  1. Aging of the hands can be improved with filling the back of the hand with Radiesse and getting rid of the age spots with the VBeam or Fraxel Dual.  Filler in this area is practically pain-free.
  2. Chronic, recalcitrant acne can be treated with near Accutane results using Levulan.  Two or three treatments are needed.  The results can improve the acne 80% or more for a year or longer.
  3. The temples are a common area of fat loss as we age and can be filled with filler in a few minutes with Sculptra, Radiesse, or Restylane.
  4. Belotero is a new filler that can be injected more superficially than other fillers and is great for those fine lines around the mouth and cheek area.
  5. Blunt cannulas for dermal fillers significantly decreases the discomfort and bruising that normal needles injections cause.  We’ve been using cannulas since early 2011.
  6. Those enlarged vessels around the nose and those small red spots on the body (cherry angiomas) can be treated quickly and with very little discomfort with our VBeam.
  7. Ulthera, our non-invasive skin tightening device which uses ultrasound, has recently been approved for the entire neck.  It has already been used by us for years on the face.  Studies are ongoing for the chest as well as for reducing sweat in the underarms.
  8. Sculptra is now being used to improve the loose, thin skin and wrinkles of the chest.
  9. Facial slimming can be done with Botox for those people who have enlarged masseter muscles.
  10. To improve healing in a surgical or traumatic scar, we are treating with the VBeam when the stitches are removed or the skin is healed.
  11. Precancers on the face can be treated with the Fraxel Dual or Levulan without the need for surgery.
  12. Sculptra not only improves the volume loss of the face, but also improves the skin quality by thickening it.
  13. The duration of bruising after a procedure can be shortened to just a few days when treated with the VBeam a day or two later.
  14. We have a chemical peel which can be done on the eyelids with very little downtime.  We also have peels for the body.
  15. With our new Coolcurve handpiece for Coolsculpting, we are now able to treat smaller areas, including inner thigh, male breast tissue (gynecomastia), banana rolls, or very small love handles.
  16. We have a new freezing device from Europe that can take off benign skin lesions, tags, and warts almost painlessly.

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