Excellent article below on Cosmetic Surgery for men. [mrktmade_shortcode config=”practice”]’s fastest growing population of new patients are men who come in not just for Botox, Fillers & Lasers but for HydraFacials as well.

On the surgical side we’ve had an 86% increase since 2012 in VASER High Definition Body Sculpting and 65% increase in Face Lifts for men. So while guys may not speak often (that’s if we speak at all…) about looking as young as they feel, studies prove we do just that, especially men from 40-60 who fight the image of aging in a very competitive workplace. So come on Gents… It’s time to dip your toe into the anti-aging services ladies have been enjoying for years and look on the outside as great as you feel on the inside.

Cosmetic Surgery: A guy’s guide to facial rejuvenation

Dr. Flaharty

Special to news-press.com

While men are still the minority when it comes to facial rejuvenation patients, the number of men seeking cosmetic procedures is growing at a fast pace. Men currently represent about 10 percent of the patients seeking cosmetic procedures nationwide, and the number of cosmetic procedures received by men is up 66 percent from 2000, according to statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Twenty years ago, it was rare to see a man in the waiting room of a cosmetic surgeon’s office. Today, no one blinks an eye at the sight of a man wanting to maintain his youthful appearance.

Men tend to be less diligent than women when it comes to wearing sunscreen. The outdoors lifestyle we enjoy in Southwest Florida, including the more than 150 golf courses in our area, is the cause of a lot of sun-damaged facial skin for men.

Skin thickness, hair pattern, bone structure, and the soft tissues of the face (muscle and fat) are different for men and women and must be taken into account when planning facial rejuvenation for a man.

Men tend to have rectangular faces with prominent brow bones and jawlines versus women who generally have softer, more oval faces. Women also naturally have arched eyebrows, while men have lower, flatter eyebrows. All of these gender-specific features must be understood, taken into consideration and preserved to achieve the best and most natural results for men.

We have a number of male patients who also get facials and use our skin care products. Good skin care need not be complicated or cost a fortune. Laser hair removal has also become an increasingly popular solution in recent years for men who are looking to reduce excessive or unwanted hair. Laser hair removal can be done anywhere on the body, but the most popular areas for men are their ears and backs. About 20 percent of laser hair removal patients are men. This procedure uses a low-energy laser to permanently reduce unwanted hair in a safe, effective and quick manner.

In 2012,BotoxandDysporttopped the list of minimally invasive procedures for men with an increase of approximately 7 percent from the previous year. Knowledge of the male facial anatomy and experience in injecting both neurotoxins and filler are key to a successful outcome. Most men do not want an arched brow, which can be achieved with Botox, but instead want their forehead wrinkles removed.

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