CoolSculpting® and liposuction are two very different procedures that are both designed to remove unwanted body fat. In today’s post, we will take a look at some of their differences. We believe CoolSculpting® is the better option, and we would be happy to discuss this in more detail with you at our practice in Parkland. Contact Aesthetic Clinique today for your free consultation.

Surgical vs. Nonsurgical

Liposuction is effective at removing unwanted fat, however, it is a very invasive surgical procedure with considerable downtime for both pre-op prep and post-op healing. You can expect to see quite a bit of extensive bruising as well as swelling, due to the invasive nature of this procedure. You will need to plan ahead to take several days off from your work and regular activities to allow adequate time for recovery.

For amazing results that do not require surgery or needles, you need to seriously consider scheduling a CoolSculpting® procedure at our Parkland practice. As an FDA-approved treatment, you will have the benefit of getting rid of unwanted, stubborn fat without having to take any time from your daily schedule other than the appointment itself! This procedure is non-invasive and allows you to return to your daily activities once you are done. You will not have to worry about unsightly swelling, bruising, or missed days at work.

Safety and Convenience

Whenever you consider having a procedure or treatment, you need to also consider the safety and convenience factors that are involved. With CoolSculpting®, there much fewer risks to be concerned about as it is noninvasive, nonsurgical, and is performed as an outpatient procedure. CoolSculpting® is something that you can schedule into your day as you will be able to return to your normal activities once the procedure is complete. The results from this procedure are typically noticed with just a few weeks. Liposuction is the more aggressive of these two procedures as it is an invasive surgery that requires anesthesia and may cause blood clots, swelling, bruising, and other serious complications. With any type of surgery, there are always risks that you need to be aware of and educated about. There will be significant downtime from your normal routine should you choose to go with liposuction, as there are things to prepare for ahead of time, and then a somewhat lengthy recovery period afterwards. You will need to be patient if you choose to go this route as it will probably be several months before you are able to notice any results.


Not only can CoolSculpting® eliminate up to 25 percent of the fat cells with each treatment in the areas you choose to treat, but it is also permanent! Once the fat cells have been frozen, they are tagged as waste material by your body and will then be eliminated as such. There is no risk that they will simply “move” to another part of your body. Continuing to live a healthy lifestyle and make good choices regarding your diet will only help you to maintain the figure that you achieved with CoolSculpting®. On the other hand, a study found that many patients who chose to remove body fat using liposuction, had similar experiences of the fat simply being redistributed to other locations in their body. Unfortunately for them, they had spent their time and money on a procedure that was not permanent.

At Aesthetic Clinique, we know that you value your time and money and expect to receive results that are worth what you invested. Call our office in Parkland today to schedule your free consultation and learn how we can help you achieve your goals.

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