All these questions were answered before the CoolSmooth handpiece was available.  Some areas will be treatable with this handpiece that couldn’t be previously treated.

Q: Why not ice packs to kill fat? Do you really expect us to believe it’s dangerous?

A: Can’t compare ice to Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting protects skin, muscle, and nerves by precisely controlling the temperature at which the fat is cooled to.  Through feedback mechanism, the temperature is maintained over the hour of the cycle to a certain level.  Ice applied would give a variable temperature and can cause skin injury.  From personal experience, my daughter fell asleep with an ice pack and that resulted in hyperpigmentation on her leg.

Q: Can Insulin Dependent Diabetics Get CoolSculpting?

A: Coolsculpting for Diabetic is FINE

There is no problem getting Coolsculpting as a Diabetic.  You might have slightly more numbness in the area because diabetics are predisposed to nerve issues, but this is only congecture.  I have treated numerous patients with diabetes without any issues.

Q: Stomach Pain After Zeltiq (CoolSculpting)

A: Discomfort after Zeltiq will resolve

Having some discomfort after Zeltiq does occur.  I goes away without treatment in 2-3 weeks or less.  No special diet is needed after the treatment.  If it gets severe, you should be evaluated by your physician.

Q: Does Coolsculpting Work on Inner Thighs?

A: Coolsculpting can be used for inner thighs on some people

The limiting factor is the handpiece attachment.  If it can attach, then Coolsculpting can be used for this area.  Another alternative for helping inner thighs without a lot of downtime is the Body-Jet, Water Assisted Liposuction.  The Body-Jet will remove the fat faster and more aggressively than Coolsculpting.  I’ve heard thru the grapevine that there is a Coolsculpting handpiece in the works specifically to be used for the thighs, but I don’t know if this is true or when it should be coming.

Q: Will Zeltiq Work for Buffalo Hump?

A: Zeltiq will work on Buffalo Hump if it can attach

Zeltiq will work on fat where it can attach.  I’m not optimistic it can work there for you.  My suggestion is to do an attachment with the handpiece without turning on the cooling to see if it will be effective.  There have been no cases of embolism after the Zeltiq.  There are more handpieces coming in the future which might work if the current ones don’t.

Q: How Does Zeltiq Coolsculpting Affect Cholesterol Levels in the Bloodstream?

A: Coolsculpting results in no change in cholesterol levels

After extensive testing by Zeltiq, there has been no elevation in the levels of cholesterol found in pateints undergoing Coolsculpting.  This was a concern which the FDA wanted data and would have prevented approval had this not been true.  I assume because the breakdown of the fat cells is slow and gradual, that the levels aren’t significantly elevated.

Q: Why is Zeltiq Used for Fat Removal?

A: FDA has approved Zeltiq / Coolsculpting for Fat Reduction

When a device is FDA cleared for an indication, it can be used off label for other purposes.  It had been used in other countries for Fat Reduction and so it was appropriate to be used in the US for that.  A doctor can’t use a drug or device for anything if it is cleared, only what is considered by peers or experts in the field to be appropriate and customary.  Having said that, the Coolsculpting device is now cleared for the flanks for fat reduction, but it will be used anywhere where it can be attached.

Q: Is Cool Sculpting Appropriate for Women over 65?

A: Coolsculpting can be used for any age group

There is no age which is ideal for the Coolsculpting.  Over 65 is not a contraindication.  Results should be similar.  The chances of skin laxity are probably increased becaue of decreased skin elasticity but clinically that hasn’t been seen.

Q: How Long Does the Coolsculpting Procedure Last and How Many Treatments Are Needed?

A: Coolsculpting permanently reduces fat

You can expect on average about 22% reduction in the area treated.  You might need more than one treatment to get your desired results.  The cryolipolysis kills the fat cells, but if you gain weight, the remaining fat will get larger and lessen the results.

Q: Will Cool Sculpting (Zeltiq) Address Skin Laxity?

A: Zeltiq will not address lax skin but…………

We have done hundreds of these precedures and haven’t seen lax skin get worse.  It might be that the reduction is so slow that the skin gradually contracts on its own.  In general, healthier, younger people should have more elastic skin that should contract better after Zeltiq or lipo than an older person. Also keep in mind the amount of fat reduction per treatment is generally about 22%.

Q: Zeltiq (CoolSculpting) to Treat Fat On Upper Outer Thighs?

A: Zeltiq will work on thighs

I have treated several patients with Zeltiq on their thighs.  However, there needs to be an area which can be pinched that measures about 2 inches.  Also keep in mind that Zeltiq removes about 25% of the fat that is treated.  If this area is small, the results will be small, because 25% of a small area is even smaller.

Q: Can Zeltiq Cool Sculpting Be Used for Upper Arm Fat?

A: Yes, Zeltiq can be used on upper arm fat

With the newest handpiece, we are treating the upper arm fat.  Previously, the handpiece was too big to get a good grip on that area.  We haven’t used it long enough to see the results, but I will post pictures as soon as I have those clients come back.

Q: CoolSculpting Vs Laser Lipolysis

A: Zeltiq results will take longer to see than laser lipolysis but can be as good

Zeltiq is going to get a consistent result (about 25% fat loss) per treatment.  Laser lipolysis is a form of liposuction which uses a laser to destroy the fat.  There is much more user variability with the laser. Total amount of fat removal is potentially the same, if you do several treatments with the Zeltiq. The end results are all dependent on the person performing the treatment not necessarily the technology.

Q: CoolSculpting (Zeltiq) for Cellulite Reduction

A: Zeltiq experience is limited with cellulite

With this new technology, the primary focus is fat reduction. Right now it is not promoted for cellulite reduction. It may improve it, but that’s not it’s intention. My guess is that in the future, Zeltiq in combo with Thermage or other radiofrequency device will be the answer for cellulite.

Q: Does Zeltiq (CoolSculpting) Really Work for Fat Reduction?

A: Zeltiq works for Fat Reduction, about 22% loss with one treatment

I have an article posted here on Realself regarding Zeltiq which is quite comprehensive. The short answer is that is very consistantly works for a 20-25% fat reduction in the treated areas. Currently due to constraints by the hand piece, only the love handles, belly, and back fat can be treated. In the future, other hand pieces will allow for thighs and gluteal reduction. This is a NO DOWNTIME procedure and almost everyone considers it painless. For no downtime, no pain, no incisions, and no anesthesia, it will be a very popular procedure in the near future.


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