Dr. Weiner answers questions about Coolsculpting

Coolsmooth Handpiece

Coolsculpting has recently developed a new handpiece for their system. It’s called the Coolcurve+ handpiece. It is a smaller, more compact handpiece. This small change actually leads to a huge opportunity for Coolsculpting patients. It allows for a smaller, thinner person to be treated in the flanks (love handles) area, as well as in the abdominal area. Even more interesting is new areas which can be treated. The banana roll, under the butt cheeks, is a perfect area for the Coolcurve+, as well as the inner thigh.

Other than design changes for new attachment areas found in the Coolcurve+, the overall technology is exactly the same as all the other handpieces. Coolsculpting remains a noninvasive, no downtime treatment to permanently remove fat. The procedure takes an hour per cycle with the amount of cycles needed to achieve your goals being determined at your consultation. Side effects are minimal and include bruising, numbness (temporary), and rare transient pain. Results take about 12 weeks to achieve and studies show an approximate 25% loss of fat in the treated area. Retreatment is advised for larger fat loss reductions.

The Aesthetic Clinique has been performing Coolsculpting by Zeltiq since December 2009 and we were one of the first 25 to have the device in the country. We have become one of the most experienced offices performing Coolsculpting. Call our office for a complimentary consultation, 850.622.1214.

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