There is no doubt about the fact that losing weight requires effort. However, all the effort a person makes is well worth it. And, thankfully, there are things that can help a person in their battle against the bulge. One thing that has helped many people in the Ft Lauderdale area lose weight is probiotics.

An Explanation of Probiotics

You likely have heard of probiotics referred to as good bacteria. While you probably do not associate good with bacteria, there are several forms of bacteria that are beneficial for the body, and some of these can aid you in losing weight.

When most people refer to probiotics, they are usually contained in some form of a supplement. Probiotics refer to microorganisms that have a beneficial effect on the body, no matter if they are in the form of bacteria or a yeast. Of course, they are also found in the food that we eat. One of the main things that these microorganisms do is fight bad bacteria, keeping them at a level that is not harmful to the body.

When probiotics are taken in the form of food or in the form of supplements, they can help to balance the bacteria found in the stomach. In addition to helping a person improve their digestive system, they also boost the immune system, improve the condition of the skin and even help in weight loss.

In healthy individuals, there is a balance between beneficial bacteria and bad bacteria. Having too much bad bacteria can lead to a variety of health problems. So, when large amounts of probiotics, or good bacteria, are introduced into the body, the bad bacteria are forced out.

Probiotics to Help You Lose Weight

Several studies have been done in order to show a connection between taking probiotic supplements and weight loss. One study in particular showed that not only can probiotics help women to lose weight, but they also help them to keep the weight off over the long term. Another study showed that taking these supplements, as well as increasing the amount of food that was eaten that contain probiotics, primarily yogurt, proved to help individuals lose belly fat.

Several studies have shown that there is a difference in the gut flora of individuals who are overweight and obese compared with individuals who are of a healthy weight. This may possibly indicate that individuals at a healthy weight digest their food differently. Perhaps they absorb less protein, less fat and less sugar.

One theory that some scientists have considered is that probiotics are able to prevent the intestines from absorbing all of the fat calories that are introduced into the body. They theorize that this may happen because they consume bile salts.

Improve Your Overall Health

Individuals who take probiotics in supplement form as well as work to include foods in their diet that contain beneficial bacteria have been able to improve their gut health, which leads to better overall health. Since their body is able to process food more efficiently, many people have been able to experience weight loss.

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