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Bellafill is a one of a kind dermal filler. What makes it unique is its longevity, composition, and FDA approved indications. Although FDA approved in 2006 for improving the nasolabial folds, there have been 2 recent studies that have expanding its indications.  These are the use of Bellafill for acne scars and data which shows at least 5 years of correction from a Bellafill treatment. Both of these studies are ground breaking, with no other fillers able to make these claims.

Bellafill is a mixture of 20% PMMA (Poly Methyl Methacrylate) and 80% Bovine Collagen. PMMA has been used medically for over 50 years as an implant. The PMMA in Bellafill is uniform smooth spheres of 40 micron diameter. The spheres elicit an inflammatory response, which stimulates the body to create a collagen capsule around these spheres. The size of the spheres is important, because at 40 microns, the body is unable to phagocytize the PMMA (digest), leading to the prolonged longevity of the product. Being smooth, the inflammatory response is subdued, minimizing the uncontrolled inflammation found in granulomas.  Prior to Bellafill injection, a dermal test is needed to see if the patient is allergic to the Bovine collagen and this takes 28 days to determine the results.  The Bovine collagen in Bellafill provides a temporary correction for about 2-3 months, until the body’s own collagen is created.

Acne scarring causes significant psychosocial problems for millions of Americans. Isolation, depression, suicidal thoughts, and poor self-esteem are just some of the many issues these individuals suffer from.  Bellafill is used to improve the appearance of the rolling type (scars that flatten when stretched) of acne scars. It is injected into the dermis, to elevate the scar. The results are immediate, but improvement is noted over the next 12 months. The FDA study showed that approximately 0.1cc was needed per scar, and most patients required 2 treatment sessions. There were no major complications noted and everyone was followed for 12 months.  Satisfaction rated by the patients was over 90% at 12 months.

No filler on the market has published data showing persistent corrections at the 5 year mark. Bellafill studied 1008 patients for 5 years. Retention rate was 87%. Satisfaction rates at every year including the 5th year was 80% or higher. The granuloma complication rate was 1.7%, which is comparable or better than all other fillers. With treatment, the granuloma rate was less than 1%. With corrections lasting at least 5 years, it is easy to see how Bellafill is actually a very economical filler as well.

Bellafill truly is unique amongst the dermal filler in regards to its longevity and use for acne scars. It is currently only available from a select group of physicians who have been trained by the company. Dr. Weiner is a physician trainer, lecturer, Key Opinion Leader (KOL) and on the physician advisory board for Bellafill. Dr. Weiner is actually a Bellafill patient as well, having been recently injected with 8 syringes of the product.

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