At Aesthetic Clinique Parkland, formerly known as Natura MedSpa, we are constantly seeking innovative beauty treatments to enhance your skin. We are thrilled to introduce AdvaLight Laser Therapy, available at our Parkland location, as we strive to redefine the perception of skin concerns and minimize downtime.

What Is AdvaLight Laser Therapy?

AdvaLight Laser Therapy is the new revolution in laser technology, now based on the ADVATx system which uses very modern solid-state laser technologies. AdvaLight is occupied by two very special types of light wavelengths: 589 nm for problems on the surface of the skin and 1319 nm for problems deep within it. This combination makes it safe yet effective, even for older patients and those with a larger area of concern.

The Science Behind AdvaLight

Powerful laser energy pulses into the skin, leading to natural healing rather painlessly. In fact, with the easy and comfortable process, AdvaLight offers a distinctive alternative for patients seeking enhancement without the drawbacks commonly associated with other, more invasive options.

Skin Concerns AdvaLight Can Address

1. Acne and Acne Scars

Two wavelengths of AdvaLight are incorporated in one treatment that effectively fights against both active acne and the collateral damage of acne in the tissues, respectively. It effectively cleans up the existing breakouts, reduces inflammation with active acne, and stimulates the tissues to produce more collagen for a smooth face without scarring.

2. Vascular Conditions

From spider veins to rosacea, AdvaLight treatments reduce the appearance of vascular conditions. With increased efficiency in fighting against red pigmentation, 589 nm wavelength has been seen to be effective in reducing the appearance of redness from general delicate veins.

3. Skin Texture and Tone

Skin texture and skin tone become smoother even after AdvaLight treatment, visibly enhancing overall skin radiance.

4. Fine Lines and Wrinkles

The AdvaLight laser system effectively reduces fine lines and wrinkles without the need for surgery. By stimulating natural collagen production, it enhances skin firmness, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

5. Pore Size Reduction

AdvaLight addresses the common concern of large pores, promoting a clean skin surface and enhancing the appearance of enlarged pores by smoothing the skin.

The AdvaLight Procedure: What to Expect

Your AdvaLight journey starts with a consultation at our Parkland, FL, location to ensure it’s the right choice for your skin. The actual treatment is relatively quick, usually fifteen to thirty minutes—no anesthetic is necessary since there’s very little discomfort. Patients can get right back into their everyday activities after treatment.

Why Choose Aesthetic Clinique Parkland for AdvaLight?

With more than 25 years in practice, our team modernizes the patient’s experience through a cutting-edge approach and patient-centered protocols. The targeted problems at Aesthetic Clinique in Parkland include vascular problems, texture irregularities, acne, signs of aging, and large pores with AdvaLight Laser Therapy. To begin your journey to a revitalized and refreshed you, schedule a consultation via the online contact form or call our office at (954) 753-4492.

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