Acne Treatments & Cosmetic Surgery

There are many options to treat acne at the Aesthetic Clinique.


Every acne patient is placed on a tailored skincare regime.

This will always include a tretinoin or retinol. These topicals have been proven to improve acne by leading to exfoliation, skin turnover and decreased sebum production.

A cleanser and toner that include a glycolic or salicylic acid is often recommended. Sometimes a topical antibiotic is prescribed as well. Benzyl peroxide is also very effective in treating acne.

How we treat Acne

Aerolase NeoClear – This is a 1064nm 650microsecond laser that is safe for all skin types. This unique pulse duration allows for deeper penetration of the laser without creating more side effects. The laser improves the redness, kills the bacteria, and decreases sebum production. A series of 6 is usually performed 1-2 weeks apart. The Aerolase is often combined with other lasers.

Excel V+ – This laser has both a 532nm and 1064nm wavelength. The 532nm is used to treat active acne very effectively. This is used for spot treatment. The 1064 can be used in a “painting” fashion, and this treatment is labeled “Laser Genesis”. This gently heats the tissues to kill bacteria and decrease the sebum. There is occasional swelling with this laser. It is only safe for skin types 1-4

Spectra Gold Toning Handpiece – This is a 585nm wavelength and is used to improve the redness and the early acne scar formation. It is a no downtime laser. It is usually a series of 6 treatments and combined with other lasers.

All the lasers above can be performed without topical numbing creams. The treatments take about 10 minutes – even if multiple lasers are used. There is some mild transient redness for 24 hours or less. A series of treatments is required and follow ups are needed after obtaining acne control every 3-6 months.

The Genius has coated microneedles that insert to prescribed depths and deliver energy to the dermis. The result is a coagulation zone in the dermis, which also contains the sebaceous glands (sebum/oil glands). These glands become injured and are partially destroyed. With less oil production, there will be less acne. Eventually, the sebaceous glands will grow back, and further treatments might be needed.

This peel from SkinMedica® is categorized as a mild peel. The purpose of this peel is to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles, as well as addressing any mild blemishes such as hyperpigmentation. There is a small amount of downtime associated with this peel. Most patients will see results after the first peel, but optimal results can be achieved after three to six peels. You can receive repeat treatments every three to four weeks, and this peel can be used on all skin types.

Another peel from SkinMedica®, the Rejuvenize Peel® is for more moderate facial blemishes. Because the acid solution is stronger, a little more downtime is required for this peel. Multiple peels (up to six) will show the best results. Chemical exfoliation is a great way to address brown and red spots as well as wrinkles and scars. It is important to wear sunscreen after your treatment to protect your sensitive skin from damage.

This peel is another mild peel from SkinMedica®, which is great for anyone looking to brighten up their skin. The Illuminize Peel® can give you a more radiant complexion after just one treatment as it fades sun spots and hyperpigmentation. This peel is effective for all skin types. Unlike the other peels we offer, the Illuminize Peel® does not result in visible peeling on the skin. That means you can immediately leave our office and get back to your daily activities, apply makeup, etc.

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