Unwanted hair services

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular aesthetic procedures in the U.S.


The most common complaints of prior hair removal lasers have been discomfort, treatment length, and lack of efficacy.

The Splendor X is a revolutionary new device that makes hair removal comfortable, extremely fast, and effective.

Excess Hair Treatments With Splendor X

The Splendor X has a cool sapphire tip that chills the skin prior to the laser pulse. In addition, there is an integrated Zimmer Chiller which blows cold air directly on the area being treated. Many patients who have been treated with other laser hair removal laser state that the Splendor X is significantly more comfortable than any other laser. These measures also contribute to the Splendor X’s high margin of safety.

A typical treatment time for a man’s back is between 5-10 minutes. Bikini hair removal is usually less than 5 minutes. Lower leg treatments are about 10 minutes and full leg treatments are 15-20 minutes.

The Splendor X takes the two most common wavelengths used for laser hair removal, 755nm (Alexandrite) and 1064nm (Nd:YAG), and combines them to fire simultaneously. The Alexandrite laser is the gold standard for treating pigmented hair in skin types 1-4. The laser heats up the hair which transmits the heat to the deeper aspect of the hair shaft to destroy the hair germ cells. For darker skin types (5-6), the only safe laser is the Nd:YAG for hair removal.

However, in the lighter skin types, the 1064nm wavelength can also be used to target the blood vessels of the hair follicle. Therefore, in types 1-4, both lasers are used simultaneously to target the hair follicle with two different targets – hair pigment and follicle vascularity – leading to superior hair removal results. In the darker skin types, mostly the 1064nm wavelength is used with minimal use of the 755nm for safety purposes. The combination of the two lasers is carefully concentrated by the operated to the appropriate mix according to skin type, hair color, and hair thickness.


Hair removal needs a series of treatments (6-8) for best results. Intervals between treatments are 2-6 weeks, depending on the area treated. One can expect permanent hair reduction of 75% after the series. Touch ups are required every 6 months. Hair that is blonde, gray, or red are resistant to laser hair removal. Villus hair (fine hair) is not conducive to laser removal. Unless the hair on the face is coarse, the Aesthetic Clinique providers will not treat. There is a risk of paradoxical hair growth with laser treatment of fine facial hair, particularly in Mediterranean skin types.

Splendor X technology is uniquely designed to offer the most efficacious, comfortable, and quickest hair removal treatment presently available. Dr. Weiner continues to provide his patients with the most advanced technologies. Please call The Aesthetic Clinique for a consultation.