Frozen C Cryotherapy

Frozen C delivers highly targeted cryotherapy both safely and optimized.

Frozen C used CO2 (safer than liquid nitrogen) at -78C to cool the treated area to a safe 2C using microscopic particles of “dry ice”.

With built in temperature feedback, the operator is appraised in real time of the skin temperature and will alert and automatically shut off if the skin gets too cold. There are 2 laser distance gauges that align when the Frozen C handpiece is the proper distance from the skin to further ensure a safe treatment.

The cryotherapy illicits 2 responses from the body: Bohr Effect and Hunting Reaction. The Bohr effect is the result of a build up of CO2 in the tissues. When this occurs, there is a change in oxygen’s binding to hemoglobin which results in increasing oxygenation to the tissues. The Hunting reaction is the alternating of vasoconstriction and vasodilation in response to cold therapy. Ultimately, this leads to greater circulation to the area being treated.


More about our Frozen C Cryotherapy treatments

Using the Frozen C, the skin of the face is treated for 5-10 minutes. This leads to collagen stimulation, tightening of pores, improving pigmentation, and overall facial rejuvenation. Improvement in rosacea has been noted. The procedure can be performed on all skin types, even in tan skin during the summer months.

Frozen C has been shown to sterilize skin so the bacteria contributing to acne can be killed. The cryotherapy also decreases the redness associated with acne and will decrease the associated swelling. A series of treatments are needed to control acne. There is no downtime or pain associated with Frozen C.

As seen on Dr. Weiner’s episode on “The Doctors Show”, Frozen C can be used in conjunction with injections. The patient stated her reJAWvenation injections were “less painful than a flu shot”. Lasers, radiofrequency, PRP, microneedling can be more comfortable using the Frozen C. Skin can be numbed just prior to any procedure in a minute or 2. Post procedure use can improve swelling, bruising, and redness as well.

Total body cryotherapy used to treat a sore joint or muscle seems like overkill and an uncomfortable proposition. Why not just treat the sore area with Frozen C for 5 minutes? Treat a sore back, knee, neck, or wrist without freezing the entire body or immersing in an ice bath.

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