IV Hydration & Nutritional Therapy

At IVbar30A, The Aesthetic Clinique IV Bar, we provide intravenous Vitamin Drips for boosting health, energy, vitality and the ultimate anti-aging experience.


Come join us for an exciting experience boosting your health & anti-aging naturally!

IV Therapy is a very quick and efficient way to get critical nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants into your body. Whether you are feeling under the weather or jet lagged, are a competitive athlete, or want to take preventative steps to help slow the aging process and achieve optimal health, then you will benefit from IV therapy. At IVbar30A, The Aesthetic Clinque’s IV Bar, we provide intravenous Vitamin Drips for boosting health, energy, vitality and the ultimate anti-aging experience. Visit with one of our doctors or nurses to find out which drip would be best for you. Come join us for and exciting experience boosting your health & anti-aging naturally!

How Can Iv Nutritional Therapy Help Me?

Intravenous (IV) drips quickly & efficiently deliver nutrients directly to where they are needed—the cells. The body’s familiarity with natural nutrients (vs. “unnatural” drugs) accounts for its high safety profile. Magnesium has a starring role in IV nutritional therapy. People who are deficient in magnesium often cannot correct their deficiency by taking magnesium capsules until the magnesium levels are replenished by IV. Our bodies cannot make vitamin C so it has a starring role in IV vitamin therapy due to its anti-viral properties. It’s useful in treating colds & flu. Also good for immune support, allergic conditions, cancer prevention & to aid the detoxification of heavy metals.

About IV Therapy with Vitamins and Nutrients

IV therapy with vitamins and nutrients has been available for many years. IV therapy began in the 1980s with the introduction of the Myers’ Cocktail. The Myers’ Cocktail is named for the late John Myers, M.D., who used intravenous injections to treat many chronic conditions. The Myers’ Cocktail is a specific combination of nutrients including Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium, and B-Complex vitamins. These nutrients are administered as an IV drip. IV administration of nutrients through an IV drip can achieve higher concentrations in the blood than through oral supplementation. It is well known that oral supplementation yields approximately 20% absorption; whereas intravenous therapy allows for 80-90% absorption. IV administration is also appropriate where digestive health is compromised and the absorption of orally administered nutrients may be poor. Boost your confidence with iv hydration therapy here at Aesthetic Clinique.

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