It appears that 2019 is the “Year of the Jawline”.  A strong jawline is interpreted as a characteristic of strength, beauty, virility, and power. In a study of S&P 500 CEO’s, 95% were considered to have a well defined jawline.  With advances in aesthetic technology and techniques, achieving that perfect profile is becoming easier, with less downtime, costs, and risks. Here are the top 5 procedures to improve your jawline:

5) Neck Lift/Lower Face Lift: With incisions placed behind the ears, this surgery can be performed with just local anesthetic. Downtime is about a week or 2. For severe jowling and platysma bands, this will give the best results.

4) Ablative Laser (Erbium/CO2) or Renuvion(J Plasma): These procedures have significant wound care for a week or more. The skin is stimulated by the heat of the laser/plasma to contract and create collagen. Healing time can take weeks and redness can persist for months. Risks include infection, scarring, hyper and hypopigmentation. Procedure is limited to the face, and can’t achieve fat reduction.

3) FaceTite: A minimally invasive procedure whereby radiofrequency is placed below and on the skin surface. Requires tumescent anesthesia only for most patients. Procedure takes about an hour, more if liposuction is added. There is minimal bruising and swelling afterwards but requires a compression chin strap for a few weeks (constant for the first 48-72 hours). The RF energy causes deep collagen stimulation and contraction as well as dermal collagen remodeling. Jowls and submental fat can be attended to with RF and liposuction.

2) Genius/Infini: Radiofrequency is placed into the dermis (and subdermis for jowls/submental) using insulated microneedles.  The downtime is 2-3 days but it requires 3 treatments. The procedure takes about 30-45 minutes. Most patients require just topical anesthetic with about 5-10% opting for Pronox (Nitrous Oxide – laughing gas). Results take 3 weeks to start to become apparent and 3 months for their full effect. It is the least downtime, least invasive of the top 5 procedures, outside of #1.

1) “reJAWvenation(TM)”: Using microcannulas, filler is placed along and below the jawline to enhance and restore the profile. Typical procedure time is 10 minutes or less and there is no downtime. The amount of syringes required varies, but can be anywhere from 1-6. Multiple sessions are required for the patients with severe jowling. While there is no actual removal of fat from the jowls or submental area, these areas appear improved due to the lifting by the filler as well as camouflaging the trouble areas.

It is left up to the individual as to what procedure is right for them. Lifestyle, degree of correction desired/needed, and finances all factor into one’s decision making. Dr. Weiner is world renown for his “reJAWvenation(TM)” procedure and is known as the reJAWvenator.


(Threads are notably absent because the author believes the expense, duration, and results, don’t warrant them to be a consideration for jawline improvement.)

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