Coolsculpting’s original FDA approval was in 2009 and it was initially cleared to cool skin prior to dermal procedures. It was later in 2010 that the FDA approved Coolsculpting for fat reduction in the flanks (love handles). Over the next several years, the procedure has been approved for abdomen, thighs – both inner and outer with various sized handpieces to treat every body type.

What’s new is that there are 2 new indications for Coolsculpting treatment. The submental fat (double chin) can now be treated with the Cool Mini handpiece. Depending on the needs of the patient, one or two applications are needed. Treatment times are 45 minutes. There is no downtime as is customary with all Coolsculpting procedures. A 2nd treatment is needed in some patients who need larger corrections. Another exciting area of recently approved treatment is the underarm area. This is where the new Cool Petite handpiece is used. Loose skin is not going to improve but that annoying “bat wing” can be reduced with these treatments.

In 2016, there was a significant change to the handpieces used for treatment called the CoolAdvantage Handpieces. (Not all practices have upgraded to these, so patients must inquire). The difference is that these handpieces are more shallow – the amount of suction witl therefore be less. The cooling plate is continuous rather than just the sides. The area treated is now more uniformly cooled than with the prior handpieces. These changes result in:

  • More comfortable treatments
  • Treatment times of 35 minutes vs the usual 60 minutes
  • Faster onset of results – as little as 3 weeks
  • Less bruising and post procedure pain

Soon after Coolsculpting’s approval it had been noted that manual massage post treatment led to improved results. About a couple years ago it was found that using the Zimmer Z Wave in place of the massage yielded even better results. It was found that adding the Z Wave increased the treatment efficacy by 68-100%. The Z Wave uses Acoustic Pulsed Technology, which sends shock waves through the skin and fat. It is a painless 5-10 minute procedure. These shock waves further injure the fat cells leading to a better result. After the Coolsculpting treatment, there are fat cells which are killed, some unaffected, and some which are “on the fence” as to whether they will survive or die. The Z Wave pushes some of these “undecided” cells over the brink. Z Wave has also been shown to lead to less post procedure discomfort.

“If one is good, two is better”. In some practices, a second Coolsculpting machine has been purchased. This allows for “DualSculpting”, treating 2 areas simultaneously. Treatment times are then cut in half using this technique.

Comparing the DualSculpting to  treatments 1 year ago, two areas can now be treated in about one quarter of the time when adding the benefits of the CoolAdvantage Handpieces.

The Aesthetic Clinique has been one of the pioneers in Coolsculpting treatments. Its first machine was obtained in 2009, being one of the first 25 in the country, even before the formal FDA approval for fat reduction. All the latest handpieces are available including the CoolAdvantage, Cool Mini, and Cool Petite. The Zimmer Z Wave is a complementary service added to all Coolsculpting treatments. A second machine has just been purchased, so DualSculpting is now available at The Aesthetic Clinique.

Recent advances have made Coolsculpting significantly faster, more comfortable, and more effective. It is a great noninvasive procedure for reducing unwanted fat without downtime.

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