Ideal for wrinkles and scarring, dermaplaning is a cosmetic procedure designed to remove layers of dead, blemished skin, allowing refreshed, new layers to emerge.

What is Dermaplaning

Designed specifically for your skin, dermaplaning is a minimally invasive procedure that diminishes visible scarring and blemishes. Although prevention is not at its forefront, dermaplaning can significantly reduce prior signs of aging along with various skin concerns. The procedure is most commonly performed on the patient’s face but can safely be administered to various areas of the body. Though it is not a permanent solution to unwanted body hair, many patients notice a decrease in peach fuzz and unwanted facial hair following their dermaplaning session. Dermaplaning involves the removal of skin and may elicit adverse reactions in individuals with pre-existing conditions. Patients who have active acne, moles, skin tags, eczema, or other skin rashes are advised to consult with the Aesthetic Clinique team to discuss suitable options for their specific situation.

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The Dermaplaning Procedure

To begin, the Aesthetic Clinique team, trained by Dr. Steven F. Weiner, utilizes a dermaplaning tool to remove the surface layers of imperfect skin cells. Similar to an electric shaver, the dermaplane device has a small blade that glides back and forth along the skin, shaving off layers of blemishes as it moves.After treatment, a product is applied to nourish and protect the skin and maintain its health following the exfoliation process.. The length of each treatment can vary depending on the patient and their desired treatment area, but most dermaplaning sessions last about half an hour.

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Dermaplaning Results and Recovery

Though noninvasive, dermaplaning does create small wounds in the skin, meaning you may experience some discomfort after the local anesthetic fades. Usually, over-the-counter pain management methods are more than enough to help diminish pain as your body heals for the next week. Most patients notice refreshed, uniform skin after one treatment, but you can undergo a second session after you have fully healed depending on the severity of your concerns.

There is no downtime associated with dermaplaning. 

Dermaplaning in Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Patients seeking to reduce signs of aging should consider dermaplaning for lasting results. Schedule a consultation with Aesthetic Clinique for comprehensive dermaplaning care.

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